My Life

I have had the privilege of watching the information age begin up close. I was born in Silicon Valley as my dad was an engineer and was recruited from the Midwest in the 50’s as so many people were in those early days of tech.

As a kid, my best friend and I sat in her backyard on her cherry tree, picking and snacking on cherries, while orchards of those trees were being replaced by HP, Google, IBM, you name it. It was interesting growing up in the 70’s in Silicon Valley with a mix of hippies and entrepreneurs. I watched my schools get defunded with prop 13 and the area get overrun, with hills all around preventing space to grow.

I became an engineer myself and married a fellow engineer, Rich, the absolute best thing that has happened in my life. Our daughter says we had a meet cute as we met in a big lab filled with signal processing systems.

Soon after our wedding, we transferred to Washington D.C. for a unique career opportunity. We worked as the two software engineers on a project that led us to continue to help defend our country in amazing ways, including a demonstration to the joint chiefs, which was quite an experience.

We had a daughter, the absolute best thing that has happened in my life, and settled permanently here in the DC metro area. We originally were only going to be in DC a few years, but loved it so much, we stayed and planted roots. I think of Washington D.C. as my hometown now as I have lived here almost as long as I did the Silicon Valley.

Just as a fun aside, it turns out the building that we first worked in when we arrived in DC, was the same building that deep throat met with Bob Woodward, 15 years earlier. Additionally, ARPANET, the program that launched the Internet was just down the street (also 15 years earlier). We knew none of this until recently when we saw the historic markers! It was an exciting time to work in DC and we have had so many amazing experiences living here.

Rich and I hike and bike when we are not working, to counteract 30 years of sitting at computers for our careers. We hang out and run around the city with our daughter who lives nearby. We have a crazy and fun Australian Shepherd that we walk everywhere.

When I was spinning up 1 Happy Place, my business, I dove into learning design and part of that process led me to study photography. You can see my gallery of my photographs from that time.